What To Expect

How does routesetting for events differ from everyday commercial setting? How do events affect gym rotation and logistics? Every gym and event is different and will require something unique.

  • Is your event a nationally recognized climbing competition?
  • Is it a community event like a bouldering league or member challenge?
  • What about Holidays?
  • Are you just trying to minimize impacts to your community?

No matter what your event is, we have some take home information to help. Join us to discuss how to approach event routesetting from an organizational standpoint.

This webinar is intended for both gym managers and routesetting leaders.

This 1.25hr course was presented by Foxman McCarthy-James and Justin Wright of Vortex Routesetting.

The recording is available to staff at Plus or Premium member businesses and individual purchasers. Email [email protected] to get your coupon code.

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